Genuine Bayer Aspirin 325 mg 500 Tablets


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WE SHIP CUSTOMS-FRIENDLY WORLDWIDE !!!!     Bayer® Genuine Aspirin is a pain reliever & fever reducer.     Description Bayer® Genuine Aspirin temporarily relieves headaches, toothaches, pain and fever of colds, muscle pain, menstrual pain, and minor pain from arthritis. Specifications 325mg coated tablets Relieves headache pain Relieves toothache pain Relieves pain and fever of colds Muscle pain relief Menstrual pain relief Relieves minor pain of arthritis Active Ingredients (in each tablet): Aspirin 325mg(NSAID)*…Purposes: Pain reliever/fever reducer. Inactive Ingredients: Carnauba wax**, corn starch, hypromellose, powdered cellulose, triacetin.*nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug**may contain this ingredient        

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